MAHDHouse (Music Above Human Definition House), full name — Otaide Eze Mark, is one of the latest producers Nigeria has produced.
Born to the family of Mr. Erhieyovweh Moses (a lecturer) & Mrs. Otaide on June 24, the 26 year old producer attended Auntie Rose Schools for his secondary education then proceeded to Delta State University to study Geology in 2008. He graduated in 2012.
During his high school days, he rolled with rock singers whom he later partnered with to form a rock band called MAHDHouse, then he went by the name M12. He sang and played the lead guitar with the crew at different occasions and events until everyone in the crew decided to split due to individual reasons.
Not wanting the name to go down the road without worldwide recognition, he took up the name as his stage name and delved into music production. Going from one producer to another and getting wider information on latest production skills and trends.
Late January 2016, after producing for different artists, he was introduced to Mr. Desmond Eyetan, the C.E.O of Des Entertainment by Zeeko. Mr. Des loved his skills therefore employing him immediately as resident producer for Des Entertainment.
Ever since he has produced superb tunes, hit instrumentals and trending hit songs for different artists especially in Nigeria and now you can't just listen to Nigerian musics without getting that "It's MAHDHouse the Beat Box" skit in at least one of all tracks starting most times with a scary,mocking laughter.
His best food is "Pretty Women" (funny though), "pounded yam" with "banga soup" as an original Deltan, he would say.
When asked his next aim, he would say "doing a jam with Timaya will do the magic". He is also obsessed with award-winning Nigerian Singer, Asa. ⊙﹏⊙.

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